A keynote speaker, public motivator, life coach, podcaster, author, and mompreneur.


My story started here...

You may have heard, before the success, was all the mess. In fact, 15+ years ago, I was just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. I married my high school crush, thought we would live happily ever after, and quickly realized my expectations on life were a little off. Through the years, I’ve lacked confidence and if I’m being honest…I’ve gone through many stages of self-doubt, constantly comparing myself to others and to top it all off—there have been times where I’ve felt stuck in the burnout and straight exhaustion from the hustle (mompreneur over here)!

My story continued...

I went on to become a high-achieving entrepreneur, leading nearly 28,000 women, growing to a multimillion-dollar sales organization and among the first to achieve many company-wide awards. When it comes to living in truth that being stuck is a mindset, not a position—I’m proud to say I walk the walk and talk the talk! I’m taking my experience and success story to bring instant empowerment to women and sales organizations. My story didn’t stay stuck in the burnout and straight exhaustion from the hustle… and that’s coming from a now, successful keynote speaker, public motivator, life coach, podcaster, author and mompreneur. I share that with confidence because I know how to help you get unstuck to illuminate your strengths, cultivate your confidence, and elevate your life!

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As a certified PDP Professional and life coach, I coach entrepreneurs on how to illuminate their strengths, cultivate their confidence, and elevate their lives.


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As a national keynote and motivational speaker, I have the ability to naturally connect with audiences of all sizes. I'll bring perspective, honesty, energy, and encouragement to every event.


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As the host of The Mompreneur Life Remixed Podcast, I bring my experience as a certified PDP Professional and life coach to coach entrepreneurs on how to illuminate their strengths, cultivate their confidence, and elevate their lives. I also love inviting mompreneur guests on the show to share their perspective, provide inspiration, success tips, life hacks, and skills to burnout-proof life and business. 


" Action brings clarity, clarity brings confidence, and confidence creates more action. "

Being stuck is a mindset not a position...

After overcoming comparison, unrealistic expectations, and struggles (sound familiar??), I'm ready to help mompreneurs find clarity in the chaos.

Breakthrough Over Breakdown

Ready to set healthy boundaries, end unrealistic expectations, and move past limiting beliefs? I’m here to help you end burnout and experience breakthroughs! Take my FREE 2-minute quiz & get tips to go from burnout to breakthrough! 


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" Focus on creating progress versus chasing perfection"


Check out my Amazon Best Selling Book, The Daily Difference, co-written with multiple authors.


Thank You To My Clients (and fans)!

I am so grateful for all my clients and their open minds! It's a privilege to illuminate their strengths, cultivate their confidence, and elevate their lives.

Cindy Hessel

 “Martine has helped me learn the importance of boundaries and sticking with them. That it’s not only OK, but essential for me to put myself and my priorities first. The accountability with Martine has made all the difference.”

Sara Cline

“Martine’s coaching showed up at just the right time for me! I had been struggling with feeling overwhelmed for quite some time. I appreciate Martine for helping me realize I deserve to be a priority.”

Sharon Maiolie

“Martine has helped me see that harmony in my schedule was achievable. Martine has given me the freedom to say “No” when it doesn’t align with my priorities. You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to start making changes. Just start!”

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